Friday, December 14, 2012


I've got lot's of updates that I've been meaning to post for a while now. First our kitchen! When I moved in the lovely cabinets were half green half brown and they were hideous!! So we got to work making them look better until we can get new ones.
Lovely Cabinets!

Richard sanded off most of the green paint.
The lovely mess!
We painted the sanded cabinets with a coat of very smelly primer, Richard had to do that since I was all pregnant and shouldn't breath in the fumes. He was pretty lightheaded afterwards!
Our Finished Cabinets!! 
They look much better than they did, however they still have there issues because they were built by the original owner of the house and let's just say he shouldn't build things! They are uneven and to small to fit most of the boxes and jars I put in them. Most everything is on it's side so I can't put much in there. But I am so happy with how they turned out!

This is the counter top, the awesome grout get's so dirty and even when I scrub and scrub it never seems to get any cleaner. It's also hard to put any kind of dough on it because the grout comes off and get's in my dough!!! Grrrrr, so I found a solution on pinterest :)

I bought a roll of laminate paper that you put in shelves to keep them clean. Then I simply put it on the counter. I love that it looks like a fancy counter top when it only cost me $5!! And it get's rid of my nasty grout issue! It cleans up nicely and when it get's worn down I can just replace it. And it looks Great with the cabinets!!
LOVE my new counter top!!
The only thing left in my kitchen that I wish I could change is the brick floor! I don't know why they thought this was a good idea, or looks good, or anything because it's horrible! It's hard, cold and very easy to trip over! But there is nothing we can do about it without hiring someone to rip it all out along with the floor underneath it and put down a new one. Wow that would be expensive! So it stay's. It's livable.

Next we have Owen's room. I was told that it use to be very bright green! When I moved in this is how it looked. Anna had already primed it so now we just had to choose a color and paint. I was 3 months prego when we painted this room so I took breaks from the fumes but we got it painted pretty fast.

The final product!! I love how it turned out and it looks even better with the crib set! Can't wait for my baby to be here!

Love the bedding we got for Owen. I want more thing's to go on the wall's to make it look more homey but everything is just so dang expensive. So for now it will get a couple of shelves and be called good.

Onto the hallway, they were half white half wood. I put 5 coats of paint on the doors and the trim and it finally covered all the wood. Well sort of, if you look close enough you can still see some of the wood peeking through but it is a vast improvement!!

Nice white trim and doors and no more stark white walls!! I got the walls painted a month ago and it was way more difficult being farther along in the pregnancy. I got so tired so fast. Good thing the hallway isn't very big so it was fast to paint. I'm just so glad it's done! The house still has a lot of fixer-up projects but for now we feel good about what we have done.

So my wonderful husband decided one night that he wanted to shave his face! I have never seen his face without hair on it and I know he has a baby face so I was a little nervous/anxious to see the end result. And of course he couldn't just shave it off because he is a dork and had to do it in stages :)
With all his facial hair!
 He wears it like this sometimes so it wasn't a shock to see.
LOL He look's like his dad like this, hehehe
 I have no words for this! When he came out of the room I  was expecting him to have it all shaved off so imagine my surprise when I saw this hahahaha :) He was having a hard time not laughing for the picture!

Ahhhh I married a 15 yr old!! It took me a while to be able to look at him and not see a little boy. Even days after it was still really weird to see him without his facial hair. At least I know what my boys will look like when they are teenagers :)

Friday, November 2, 2012

Happy Halloween!!

We had a weekend to do all of our Halloween stuff with Emma.                                          
Getting ready to carve pumpkins!

Not to sure about this anymore...

Pulled out one seed. LOL She eventually started pulling out handfulls

Both of them so hard at work :)

We told her to draw a face she wanted to carve, this is what she did lol Cute!

The final product! Looks like her drawing huh :) She loved it and was so proud  of herself for helping carve it!!

My pumpkin

Richard concentrating on his pumpkin :) 

Making orange rice krispie treats

This was her favorite part of helping :)

Yep it's even in her hair LOL

Awesome Pumpkins!

Richard's turned out Awesome!!
We had a fun weekend with her and wish we could of had her for longer. We'll have her for about a week at Thanksgiving and we also have her Uncle Weston's wedding to go to that weekend. It's going to be a very busy week.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Locked Out!!

Today was Richard's first day f work and I had a Dr.'s apt and we only have one working car. So we borrowed a car from his parents. Richard was suppose to take his parents car and leave me our car, well imagine my surprise this morning when I wake up and see our car gone! :( Well that's fine it's not a big deal. So I get ready, walk out the door and remember I forgot something. I turn around to go back in the house and I freeze and that I have just Locked myself out of my House!!! We have an extra set of keys but they are in the house. So I think "Well, I guess I'm gonna have to break in." Fortunately or Unfortunately, I'm not sure which right now, we have a window that has no glass, it's just plastic and tape!
This is the window. So I tear off the pound of tape and pop the window out. I then proceed to hoist my leg up as far as my pregnant belly will allow, fortunately after a couple of tries I got it on the ledge then I pull my fat self up and crawl through the window!

I'm now half in and half out of that dang window. Thank goodness we have this weight bench next to the window, I'm pretty sure it saved my life. I held onto it while crawling the rest of the way through and getting down.

 I then had to fix the dang window again, with another roll of tape, before grabbing the spare keys and running back out the door. It was defiantly an interesting day.

It's hard to see but the piece of plastic is broken in several pieces so not only is it taped into the window it's also covered in tape to stay in one piece. It's kinda disturbing how easy it is to break into my house!!

Monday, September 24, 2012

The Longest Weekend Ever!!

Last weekend was our weekend to see Emma, it was our turn to drive to Georgia. However we did ask Gaby if she would meet us in Tallahassee because she was suppose to bring Emma last month and didn't. Her excuse was that she didn't have a car because it's broken, which I'm sure it was last month because it's a  piece of hud!! However it is in the divorce agreement that it was her month and she failed to follow through, again. Anyways we ended up going all the way to Georgia which is about 7 1/2 hrs away so to drive there on a Friday then back to Mississippi then return on Sunday we spend all of our time with Emma in the car. So when we do go there we just rent a hotel, it get's spendy but it's the only way to get the most time with Emma. This time Wylie, Richard's dad, came with us. I was worried about all the traveling because I have not been doing well in the car since getting pregnant, and my worries were spot on!! The whole drive there I felt so sick and uncomfortable, I just wanted to get there!!!! We FINALLY get to Georgia around 8 p.m. and I was just so ready to get the heck out of that car!! For one I was uncomfortable, two....The Smell!!! Yes Wylie is Not ashamed to fart in front of me and being trapped in a car with him for 7 1/2 hrs was not pleasant!! He STUNK!!!! So whenever we get Emma Gaby likes to chat our ears off!! Sometimes I just want to say Gaby......WE DO NOT CARE ABOUT YOUR STUPID CRAP!!! But we are nice and we listen and nod our heads and make grunting noises to let her feel like we are still listening, sometimes she says things that we can use later so yes we just listen. This time it was all about how her car needs all these repairs and how her ex-boyfriend tried to screw her over with it and blah blah blah. I noticed that her car was sitting behind her house and I was wondering why it wasn't at a shop if it was needing fixed. So we finally left her trailer park and get to the hotel, I am just exhausted and want to go to bed. So backing up a little in the story, I had everything packed that morning and sitting next to the door to get loaded up. This included my bag, Richard's bag, my laptop bag, the portable dvd player and Emma's bag with her clothes, shoes and toys for the weekend. Before we left the house I grabbed my purse and said "Richard can you grab the bags and get them in the car?" He replied, "Why yes I can surely do that my wonderful wife, you just go sit in the car and relax. I got this covered." Ok so that wasn't his exact answer Lol but he said yes!! So imagine my surprise later when I find out that we are not only missing my laptop and the portable dvd player, which really isn't a big deal, but we are also missing Emma's bag. He did manage to load up my bag, his bag and his laptop. I was so angry!! I thought oh great now we have to leave Emma in the Hoochey outfit that we picked her up in!! He said that I never asked him to grab the other bags, and that he didn't see them.......Grrrrrrr they were in the pile with all the other bags and when oh when have we ever left without having Emma's Purple Barbie Bag?!?!?! So I was frustrated as we headed to Walmart to buy Emma some underwear, flip-flops (on sale for a $1 woohoo), a dress for Sunday and some shorts and t-shirt to play in. Then we just let her sleep in the Hoochey outfit since they were pretty much pajama's anyways. I just needed a good night's sleep to get past that day......HAHAHAHA like that was going to happen!!! So not only does Wylie fart, he also snores louder than I thought humanly possible!! I am a very light sleeper so I was awake most of the night!! I figure I got maybe 4 hrs of sleep, when we got up for the day I was already very, very cranky!!! Then I had the lovely morning sickness...Twice that morning!! I was exhausted, sick and cranky!! It was Not a good day at all. Then to make it all better Richard freaking had gas too!!! It was some of the Nastiness gas I have Ever Experienced!! And he had it by the truck load, he thought it was hilarious, I seriously was about ready to throw him out the window!!! I just wanted the day to be over so I could get sleep. We did go to Lowe's and got me some very good earplugs so I did actually sleep through the night. It was fantastic!!!! Sunday I was in  much better mood and well rested, as I was getting Emma ready for church I asked her if she went to pre-k on Friday, she said yes and I asked her who took her. She said her mom, so I asked how her mom took her and she told me in her green car, now this happens to be the car that is broken, so I said I thought the green car was broken. She said it was but now it's fixed, hmmmmmm that's interesting. After church we took her back to Gaby's at 1, we told her that is when we would be there, and she wasn't there oh and guess what, neither was the green car that is suppose to be broken and that was sitting in the back on friday. Hmmmmmmm very interesting!! Finally a half hour later Gaby show's up with a friend and was all "oh I didn't realize what time it was blah, blah blah!!" Apparently this friend is letting her use his SUV for the week so she can move, yes she is moving for the second time this year!! So this is our last trip to Georgia, from now on we will be going to Florida. Which is about a 15 min. longer drive than we already do!! So finally we start the long drive home and once again it was the same issues as the drive there!! I was oh so happy when we made it home! I wasn't feeling good so I went to bed only to wake up later that night sick!!! I have been sick all day today and I figure it was from all the traveling and all the fast food!! That is my last road trip for a while!! It should be the last time we have to go there anyways because next month is Gaby's month to bring her here then in Nov. and Dec. they are suppose to meet in Tallahassee for the Holiday's. So hopefully everything works out for the rest of the year how it's suppose to, we just hope that Gaby can get that dang car fixed!

Friday, September 14, 2012

Owen Burke Groves Coming Jan. 13th 2013

We were so excited the day we found out that we were pregnant!! Then came the dreaded waiting period for when we would tell our families, we waited until July when we went to Idaho to break the news. We played a game called Things to tell everyone, someone reads a question then everyone writes there answer and you have to guess who wrote what. So before we played me and Richard found a question that I could use to say I was pregnant, when it came to that question I wrote my answer but no one really got it. So when they guessed it was my answer I said "Yes, Yes I Am!!" They finally took it seriously, all except Maricella LOL she was a little behind. Then when we returned to Mississippi we told his family, I guess I'm just not good at announcing things because they didn't get it at first either. But eventually everyone found out and we were glad to have the secret out! I can't believe only a year ago I was single and living it up in Rexburg and now I'm married and pregnant, it's just Crazy!!
This is the first picture of our little man, he's so tiny!!

Yep that's a boy! Richard was so excited :)

His scrawny little arm!

20 Weeks!

Love my little man already 
As for being pregnant I will really have to forget about all the sickness or be really baby hungry to have another one anytime soon after. I have had constant morning sickness and in the beginning I was sick all day! Now it's usually just the mornings so it's not that bad but I still have my days when I just have to lay on the couch and hope I don't throw up :( The first time I felt him move it startled me and now he moves non-stop when he is awake. Richard was finally able to feel him move not to long ago and he just absolutely Loves it! Today I realized that I can now see him moving so it's freaking me out a little, it's slowly hitting me that there is something alive inside of me! Ahhh.....Can't wait for these next couple of months to go by so I can hold my little guy and love on him!!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Mississippi Life

Well I realize I haven't posted in a very long time and A Lot has happened. So I'm sitting at home all alone at home while Richard is at work and decided it was about time I did some updating! I'm just going to briefly tell what has been going on since the move to Mississippi.
Our Reception in Mississippi

Yes I realize that I am kinda weird but Richard loves me anyways, I'm so lucky I found him  :)
 Every third weekend we make the Long drive to Georgia to spend time with Emma. She is the most adorable little girl and I love being her step-mom! It's hard to find new things to do every weekend we're there but we try our hardest to have a good time with her while we can.
Having fun at the zoo!

All of us sitting on the turtle
 My mother-in-law has had two strokes so she's not really suppose to drive, it doesn't always stop her, but usually I become the driver. Anna, my best friend/sister-in-law had her wisdom teeth out while she was home. It was a fun time. I'm sure she appreciates me putting this picture up :)
Smile Anna!!
 So the house Richard bought is nice and big but it has a lot that needs to be done to it. When I moved in, Emma's stuff was in a corner of his room. We have three open bedrooms but they really needed to be fixed up. Project Time!! Even if Richard doesn't want a girly-girl, well I don't care I'm still painting her room pink. When my parents brought all my stuff to Mississippi the room got furnished with my old bedroom stuff. I think it turned out pretty darn cute! 
Emma seeing her room for the first time. She loves it and tells everyone she has a new pink room :)

All ready for church, she loves the popcorn song and the daddy song!
 Emma has never had her hair cut, because her mom refuses to cut it, you can seriously see all her baby hair at the end of her hair. It is very long and her mom usually keeps it down and ratty. I love putting it up and getting it out of her face for her, so whenever we have her I get to play with it and do all kinds of different things.
She loves all of her new hair flowers and doesn't let me  finish her hair without one in.

It turned out super cute!

At the gardens with Grand-mamma and Pop-pop
 We had to celebrate her birthday a month late because her mom wouldn't let us have her, even though it was our weekend. Very frustrating but woman in the south can pretty much get away with anything they want. It's ridiculous!! But we had fun when we finally got to have a party.
Daddy and the Birthday Girl in her new favorite tutu  that I made!

New stuffed animal from her favorite Uncle Weston!

Emma and he Tinkerbell cake!

Pretty Girl
 We also had to celebrate Easter late, but we made it a good time.
Searching for the eggs

Do you see all the eggs on the car, it took her a while to find them lol

What a haul! 
Today I took my mother-in-law to the dentist, she had to get three teeth pulled!! She was a little drugged and needed a ride home. While I was there I checked out our garden and I'm worried about our potatoes but our cucumbers and zucchini look awesome. I can't wait until they are ready, I really want some cucumbers in vinegar, Oh yumm it's making my mouth water just thinking about it. Mmmmmm well now I have to go find something to eat that will have to take the place of cucumbers.